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about this site + admin

This project is currently managed by "Ibori", with the purpose of tinkering with digital engineering (ok, just web development) and creating a personalized space that will facilitate the sharing of information related to their other projects. In the future, it may also serve as an experiment in metatextual storytelling and humor, if developments continue at a steady pace.

The website you are viewing is hosted on "Bipedal Web Server and Multipurpose Storage Unit" (B-WSaMSU) #003. The manufacturer of this unit currently wishes to remain anonymous.

CONTACT (oou obviously)

Discord: obee58#3621

Mastodon/Fediverse: irthomleniter@plush.city

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8/17/2021: first update in a week, uh oh; begun implementing THOUGHT (blog + spotlights) section, included contact info with FABRICATION information

8/10/2021: the page is now in the center of the screen! hooray! also, implemented grid so that some pages can have sidebars and side-by-side content. some actual Features probably coming soon

8/9/2021: changed some font sizes and alignments; readded changelog, whoops - i added it on neocities' end and then pushed an update from my local copy that didn't have it, how unprofessional!!

8/8/2021: created simple layout, added fonts, created this FABRICATION (about) information (it's probably the most important page imo)

8/7/2021: basic web files created, B-WSaMSU transmitters enabled for open testing